Sunday, 17 November 2013

Indian society and woman’s identification

The status of women, particularly literate women in Indian society still facing the crisis of identification, required complete changing of outlook. The government claiming that they are too much aware of women’s development and security but in the ground, that is the only pseudo shadow of false propaganda.  Indeed some amendments in present law have taken place but again the real problem starts when question arise for implementation. Required fifty percent participation of women from village level to the cabinet, which is their birthright as a citizen of the democratic country.  The outlook of society should also be changed particularly in women too, observed that woman is the main enemy against the development of women, personally, I have experienced, and some women never accept their daughter-in-law as a daughter, though they are literate, the century’s old decomposed tradition still flows in their blood.  Whenever a question arises between the choosing daughter-in-law and daughter, they protect their daughter even if she is doing mistakes, and that is the reason the divorce numbers are increasing in the society.  Actually, some women have a mentality that the son is her property, she always jealous if someone will share with him. In this subject, other western countries are more liberal and progressive.  After a certain age they don’t interfere in children’s lives, even in Saudi Arabia I've observed they want children should learn themselves, but Indian society still following the age-old tradition, that son should ask every day about his decision, particularly in case of love marriages situation becomes more worst, the culture crisis and parents interference makes couples life miserable.  However, those stupid boys never ask their mothers before falling in love.  I wondered and experienced that a matured man is looking to her mother before answering in a serious matter.  What type’s culture exists in our society, ridiculous, a matured man is saying that my parents do not like you because you have protested against them.  If a literate girl will protest against the domestic violence, very soon all in-law and relatives will unite and blame to that particular woman.  Moreover, no doubt they will say she is bad character woman, that scenario of so-called civilized Indian society.  There should be strict law in this filed too, still, our society is infancy level though literacy rate increased.  However, the outlook of society not reached to maturity. And this is the condition of so-called aristocratic families, I’m afraid after prolong independence period of the country still women are facing identification crisis.
artist Pavel Guzenko 1