Saturday, 11 October 2014


often I think, and feel little bit unhappiness, regarding the present condition of our society, where we are going ? why people are so hypocrite ? for personal selfishness, why we can harm to somebody in any level? Particularly the condition of woman in Indian society raises lot of question, though present government lead by Mr Modi keeps a little bit ointment on the wounds, but in my view the government, alone couldn't do any thing, the society has to change their putrid mentality against the woman. The literacy rate of India is increased a lot, but still many villages are lacking in primary amenities as proper schools for girls in rural area, domestic violence is another parasite in Indian society. Actually some of the masculine power want to get the money without hard work and that's reason still sting of dowry is existed in all the religious Indian society. The 80% population is belong to Hindus, though Hindus are in general more developed in compare of other religious community, higher literacy rate and economical more better, but again the traditional fetters do not let them to survive with unleashing manner. Sometime, I find nothing big difference between my mothers' era and my daughters'. Same hurdles they have to face in the society for self existence. The Hinduism, in itself is very progressive religion, respects woman as the mother goddess but still exists the perversity against the woman. Indeed, since independence there is nothing changed in the law for woman interest, even so many women do not know about the existing law for their protection. There should be a comprehensive changes / amendment in the existing law particularly in field of education, rape cases, share in property, dowry system, share in politics as a long pending reservation bill, domestic violence, safety in work place. There should be more woman police recruitment and more women police station. Indian women always proved their supremacy in every field since Vedic era to present modern India. Truly they are the real creator of present and coming generation.

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